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What to eat after you give birth?

One of the least expected issues, especially in hospital births, is the post birth meal. Many hospitals have cafeterias that are limited to wilted salads, cold sandwiches, and a coke. That is not ideal nutrition for a newly postpartum family. Here is what I feed my clients and what you can help bring to feed yourself.

  1. Electrolytes. I love bone broth, LMNT, Gatorade propel, anyway to help replenish your body in a way you will enjoy.

  2. Fruit. While I am a huge fan of stewed fruit for postpartum, any fruit is good fruit. The healthy sugar, nutrients, and water make for a great energy boost after a long labor. Pre slice a selection of your favorites and pack them when you leave for the hospital or birth center. My favorite way is a snack plate, paired with a good fat and protein.

  3. Slow cooked meat. Pulled pork, beef stew, chicken tacos. I bought myself a large pork roast, put it in the refrigerator to defrost when I went into labor, then put it in the crockpot after the baby had been born. The protein, glycine, and collagen are so amazing for tissue healing and replenishing your body. You could bring some to the hospital with you if you have access to refrigeration, or wait till you get home.

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