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The Houston Birth Doula

Your Go-to Source For Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

The Houston Birth Doula serves all Houston families without discriminiation. Our aim is to equip parents and families with the tools and education they need to feel supported and cared for. We offer full spectrum doula services, through the entire pregnancy, labor and birth, in multiple settings.

We serve families through the entire postpartum period and offer breastfeeding support, as well as overnight infant care and support. We have a variety of experiences, from solo infant care, to NICU babies, to twins. We have support designed to fit you and your lifestyle

We want you to feel like the amazing, powerful parent that you are.

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Meet Reagan


Reagan Sullivan is a versatile professional, encompassing roles as a full spectrum doula, herbalist, and dedicated student midwife. Her extensive experience in serving over a hundred families within the Houston area is underpinned by a remarkable array of certifications and specializations.

Reagan's qualifications include being BLS certified, holding the title of a certified Advanced VBAC doula, and excelling as a certified Gentle and Attachment Parenting Educator. Additionally, she is recognized as an Advanced NRP provider, ensuring her readiness to handle a wide range of birthing scenarios. Notably, she has received comprehensive training in addressing domestic violence, authoring a concise yet informative domestic violence training book tailored to birthworkers.

Reagan's passion and expertise lie in the realm of birth support, where she dedicates herself to assisting families during this extraordinary phase of their lives. Her knowledge extends to advanced areas of doula practice, such as dealing with domestic violence, planned and unplanned loss support, Spinning Babies techniques, early childhood development and psychology, preventing birth and postpartum trauma, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition, and the realm of women's herbal medicine.

Beyond her work as a doula, Reagan is a student midwife, applying her accumulated wisdom and skills to benefit her clients across diverse birth settings. In her midwifery studies, she has completed advanced courses such as Breech Without Borders, Birth Emergency Skills Training, and Advanced Neonatal Resuscitation, guided by the esteemed Karen Strange. She works as a birth assistant outside of doula work. Her ongoing education involves collaborating with several Houston-based midwives to continually enrich her knowledge, and she is formally enrolled as a student midwife within the Association of Texas Midwives.

In her personal life, Reagan is a neurodivergent mother to a bright and remarkable son and follows a nature based philosophy to parenting and homeschooling. She carries her own experiences of infertility and multiple pregnancy losses, which have significantly influenced her dedication to full spectrum doula work. Outside of her professional commitments, she finds joy in activities like hiking, reading, tending to her heirloom herbal garden, and operating a small business devoted to crafting herbal wellness products, all aimed at serving families in unique and meaningful ways.

Why You Need a Doula:

Doulas play a crucial role in public health, providing essential support to new families and ensuring they receive the care they need. We take pride in working with a diverse range of families and birth experiences, striving to offer the highest level of support and care to each and every one of our clients.

The advantages of having a doula by your side are manifold:

  • Shorter labors by 25%

  • A 25% decrease in epidural requests

  • A 50% reduction in cesarean rates

  • A 40% reduction in the use of Pitocin

  • A 40% reduction in the use of forceps and vacuum extraction during delivery

  • A 30% reduction in the use of analgesia

  • OBGYNs who worked with doulas took their patients' concerns more seriously and devoted more time to explaining procedures

  • Improved maternal mental health outcomes

  • Increased maternal self-satisfaction and postpartum confidence

  • More positive birth partner and father experiences

  • A calmer, holistic postpartum experience

  • Higher rates of successful breastfeeding

  • Improved quality of sleep after childbirth

We are dedicated to supporting all types of birth experiences, whether you plan to use pain relief medications or not. Regardless of your birth plan, a doula can provide invaluable support and enhance your overall birthing and postpartum journey.


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