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Holding the Belly

The Houston Birth Doula

Birth, Postpartum, Bodywork, and Pregnancy Loss Packages

Birth Doula Package- 1,800

I have been supporting births for almost five years. As a student midwife and doula, I am comfortable supporting all kinds of different births, from planned homebirths, c sections, unmedicated hospital births, and more. This is your birth experience and I firmly believe in your autonomy and free choice, as well as your intuition. Your body, your baby, your birth, always your choice. I am here to facilitate that, provide resources, and walk alongside you every step of the way.

-Full Labor and Birth Support

-Non medical pain relief

-Unbiased, Evidence Based Informational Resources

-Referral Network of Providers 

-Spinning Babies Bodywork included in Prenatal Visit

-One Prenatal and One Postpartum Visit

-Full Pregnancy and Postpartum Virtual Support.

-Add Ons Available

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Postpartum Doula Support Package-30 per hour for daytime support, 32 per hour for overnight support, 35 per hour for twin support, 38 for overnight twin support

I have cared for many families in Houston. I am experienced in twins, NICU babies, babies with severe colic, tongue ties, medically fragile babies, and perfectly healthy babies that just love to be up all night. I am comfortable supporting lactation as well as safe formula use, and have a large referral network with solutions for all kinds of different families. 

-Overnight Infant Care

-Lactation Education and Support

-Safe Formula Use Education and Support

-Minimum of Two Hours Per Shift

-Referrals to Postpartum Mental Health Professionals Available

-Bond With Baby While You are Cared For

-Meal Prep in Your Home

-Light Housekeeping

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Prenatal Spinning Babies Bodywork/Massage-150 per session

This can be booked anytime after first trimester. Pregnancy discomfort, planning a first time vaginal birth or have a breech baby? The sooner you book the better.


I work with fascia, muscles, and ligaments to help pregnancy be significantly more comfortable and work with both you and your baby to find the best birthing position for both of you. Sessions are about 45 minutes long and are beneficial to any pregnant person, regardless of birth location. 

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Postpartum Herbal Spa-200 per session


Postpartum herbal care is something near and dear to my heart. I like a hands on, bodywork approach, as well as replenishing the body post birth with mineral salts and gentle, soothing herbs. 

-Herbal bath with flowers

-Help emotionally processing birth experience

-Facilitating a recreation of golden hour if appropriate

-Yoni steam

-Closing of Bones ceremony

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Pregnancy Loss Doula Support Package-1,000

Trained in full spectrum of loss and grief. I am happy to provide doula support regardless of the timing of the loss, including miscarriage, stillbirth, and birth where baby is not expected to live long after birth. I have herbal experience and training on how to restore the body and am comfortable supporting natural miscarriage at home (miscarriage without the use of pharmaceutical medication or surgery.) I am also familiar with local midwives who support stillbirth at home, when baby is known to have already passed. 

-Assistance in Hospital or Home during Loss and Labor Process

-Virtual Support Before and After Loss

-Assistance with Photographs and Memorial Options

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