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What Should I Pack in My Birth Bag?

While individual birth bags will vary, there are a few essentials that most people will want to consider. These are all things I either used myself or used with birth clients and would use myself or recommend to someone else.

-A birth ball

These are on Amazon ranging for about 15-20$. I purchased one early in my pregnancy and used it daily. I am a huge advocate for remaining active during pregnancy, and this is one way to do it. Even the simple act of bouncing on it can help you progress in labor. I used it for the majority of prodromal/early labor, and I have used it to help position and getting baby to engage during labor.

-a peanut ball.

Almost every hospital I've been to had one available, but feel free to bring one anyway. This thing is magic. Your doula will be able to assist you with different positions, but it has been proven to help positioning and labor progression. I swear by this so much, that if I could only bring two things to a birth, it would be a peanut ball and electrolyte water. It's extremely affordable, but worth its weight in gold.

-birth affirmations

I used audio birth affirmations during my labor and loved them. I do carry some very lovely birth affirmations with me for my clients to hang within view. It's so nice to have something to focus on during contractions. Even if you have an epidural, there is a very good chance you won't have one until things pick up, so having a focus point to help you through is a lifesaver.


If you plan to breast or combo feed, a way to collect breastmilk is a must, especially if baby has any latch issues at the breast. You can supplement with a pumped bottle of colostrum, or even do SNS feeding at the breast, if you choose.

-phone charger/battery pack

This is pretty self-explanatory. Have a playlist of music, a podcast, or some TV show episodes downloaded.

-self care items.

I don't know about you, but I have to wash my face to feel human. Whatever you need to feel like you, whether that's a little makeup or your skincare routine, bring it.


Those breathing techniques can really dry out your lips!

-snacks/electrolyte water

I personally recommend Gatorade Propel as your labor drink of choice. It's clear, has some great vitamins like B12 and Zinc, and your hospital won't likely have an issue with it. (Some hospitals require clear fluid after an epidural or IV. ) Healthy snacks with carbs and protein are the best and have lots of great energy for you during labor.

- And of course, your doula.

Your doula can help you labor at home before the hospital and will be there for you every step of the way from pregnancy to postpartum. From education, positions for you, or just holding your hand and reminding you of your own power, your doula can do so much for you and will make your birth the best one you could imagine.

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