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What should I do with my placenta?

Throwing away your placenta or letting the hospital take it away after birth might feel strange. After all, you spent nine months growing it. Here are three things that you can choose to do with it.

  1. Have a placenta print made. I offer all of my clients the option to purchase a placenta print made with organic food coloring. It's a lovely option for people wanting a keepsake without bringing the whole placenta home as it can be done in the hospital.

  2. Bury it and have a special tree or plant growing over it. Make sure to bury it very deep in the earth if you do this. I suggest at least two feet deep. If the neighbor's cat digs it up as a snack, no one will be having a good time.

  3. Consider donation. I lived in a small apartment when I had my son and was about to move. I donated my placenta to cancer research since I didn't have a place to bury it. It was extremely cool to me to consider my stem cells and placenta would be assisting research to improve people's lives.

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