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What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

Postpartum doulas do many different things. At the Houston Birth Doula, a typical postpartum visit would be something like this:

Coming to your home, usually with a small gift for the parents. We chat about how you and baby are doing, what you're struggling with, and what you need to feel better. This could be anything from just sitting and talking to letting us take baby while you go lay down. Typically, we do light housekeeping related to baby and you. Postpartum doulas also offer overnight support or infant care so both parents can get a full night of sleep.

Basic assistance breastfeeding, formula safety, and baby care basics are something we cover. We also give the parents a small checklist on mental health, and try to check in and offer mental health resources when needed. The goal is to nurture mother and baby, and make sure the parents are supported and cared for, so they can focus their energies on their tiny new human!

I also really love to cover the basics of babywearing with my new families. Babywearing was absolutely life changing for me. There is a reason it was tradition in so many cultures. Most of the modern devices designed for babies are just there to replace you, and excessive use can cause container baby syndrome.

Babywearing is extremely convenient and eliminates the risk of container baby syndrome. I personally love the Moby cloth wrap for newborns and small babies, and prefer a structured carrier such as the Graco carrier for six months and older. I still wear my 13 month old in the Graco carrier.

We also can offer meal prep or make you a meal in your kitchen, as well as give you traditional postpartum nutrition advice.

Our partner, who we work with and absolutely love, Houston Birth and Baby, offers meal delivery services who we refer you to if you are in need of more nutrition and assistance. They use amazing ingredients and the food is delicious; so much better than just ordering a pizza. You can find them right here:

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