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Pregnancy Tea Recipe

The NORA tea recipe is very popular and beneficial for pregnancy and postpartum. I often recommend it to my birth and postpartum clients. The herbs contain nutrients and are reported to have a blood building effect, to help the body recover from birth and assist with breastfeeding/chestfeeding. It is recommended to wait until 16 weeks pregnant to begin drinking.


Mix 2 parts (8oz.) Raspberry Leaf and Nettles to 1 part (4oz.) Alfalfa and Oat Straw. Mix well and store in container of choice (I like a glass jar.) Place a couple tablespoons into a jar filled with hot water and let sit overnight. How many tablespoons you use is up to your personal taste, but anywhere from 2-4 works well. Let sit in the refrigerator overnight and add honey or stevia to taste. You can also add other herbs such as lemon balm or peppermint.

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