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November Newsletter

The Houston Birth Doula November Newsletter

BIRTH fair was a massive success. We enjoyed networking with our local community and having a wonderful event for all to enjoy. The Houston Birth Doula contributed a full birth photography package to the raffle and helped put the bags together a few days before.

We welcomed two new babies this month, both boys!

We only have a couple slots left for the rest of the year. Please send in your requests or book quickly as spots are filling up fast. You may contact us via text at 713-962-3343 or email at

November- 1 postpartum slot, 1 birth slot.

December- 1 postpartum slot, 2 birth slots.

January- 2 postpartum slots, 3 birth slots.

If you are a birth or wellness professional and would like to contribute to the blog or newsletter, send us an email at We would love your contributions. 

The Houston Birth Doula is planning a holistic two day retreat for pregnant and postpartum people for this upcoming summer. If you would like to contribute or attend, please contact us. Dates will be released soon so please stay tuned. While we love children, we do request that none attend except exclusively nursing infants. There will be limited spaces, as we wish to accommodate our guests comfortably.

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