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How to Heal Episiotomies and Tears after Birth

Vaginal suctures and healing after birth can be painful. Here are several steps you can take to promote healing and elasticity in the tissue. Episiotomies are unfortunately routine and the healing process can be lengthy. As always, check with your provider about whether these are right for you or that you are in an appropriate place of healing to utilize them.

  1. Herbal Sitzbath after childbirth. There are several blends available on the market. In His Hands has one that is very popular.

  2. Eat collagen, glycine, and vitamin c rich foods. A common source of collagen and glycine is in meat or bone broths. You could pair pulled pork with a plate of vitamin C rich fruit. Collagen and glycine are needed to help rebuild torn tissue and muscle. Vitamin C helps the body absorb and utilize it.

  3. Hydration. Especially if you are breast or chest feeding, keep a water bottle with you and make sure you are getting your minerals and electrolytes in.

  4. Castor oil massage. After you have had any stitches removed and the bleeding has stopped, massage where the tear was with castor oil, or put a little on a maxi pad and wear it overnight.

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