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How to Have an Unmedicated Birth

Having an unmedicated birth is a mind game more than anything else. While I absolutely recommend being physically prepared, mental preparation is vital to your success, as well as being flexible to changes. For this, I highly recommend hypnobirthing classes or courses.

This is the best online class I have found. The code THEHOUSTONBIRTHDOULA gets you 10% off anything in the store, but their hypnobirthing class is an absolute must. I swear by hypnobirthing, and this class is a game changer for unmedicated, natural birth, in or out of the hospital.

Next, whether or not you want a natural birth or not, I highly recommend this peanut ball. I have bought several over the years and this one is my favorite. Your doula can do soooo much to help you with just this little ball to help get baby in a good position and nice and low in the pelvis.

Another ball I highly recommend is this yoga ball. It is so helpful to induce labor and get you through early labor. It helps baby get in a good position as well. Almost every single birth client of mine has used it at some point in their labor. It is an absolute must have.

Finally, good nutrition and exercise are vital to being ready for unmedicated births. It is highly recommended, barring doctor's orders or medical conditions, to do some form of exercise every day. That can be a brisk walk, weight lifting, or even pregnancy safe crossfit! I offer pregnancy nutrition calls where we go over the most important nutrients for pregnancy, how to obtain them, and delicious recipes for pregnancy and postpartum. You can book them in the link below, just make sure you mention in the memo what you wanted to discuss!

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