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Emotional Changes in the First Trimester

Finding out you are pregnant is a huge adjustment. Whether or not you want to be pregnant, you can sometimes feel a bit numb or unattached. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, but if this brings up guilt or worry, it's something to discuss with your therapist or midwife.

The discomfort of pregnancy can also feel very discouraging, especially with morning sickness and the aches and pains of first trimester. You may feel extremely reliant on your partner and be extremely tuned in to how the partner accepts your pregnancy, especially if it was unplanned. Pregnancy hormones can also cause emotional fluctuations that your partner may notice and can be amplified by nausea, pain, or hunger. Do not feel guilty for these, and take steps to ensure you are fed and comfortable as possible. Rest as well as you can, and talk to your care provider if your emotions are troubling you.

Some people do not bond with their baby until after the danger of miscarriage has passed or until testing shows that the fetus is healthy. This is a normal response, and you shouldn't feel guilty if this is you. Working to develop a bond can be beneficial however, and give you closure in the case that the pregnancy was not meant to stay.

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